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my name is megan i like pretty things that grow outdoors and cozy places and i live in riverside and im old enough to party (i dont though)

Russian Criminal Tattoos

18k gold with a carved agate skull surrounded by rose- and old-cut diamonds and black enamelling, with hallmarks for London 1852.  It has an interior inscription on the ring that adds another fascinating layer of history: Inscribed “James Dixon Obit 1852,” it memorialises James Dixon, a well-known English silversmith and founder of the family firm of James Dixon & Sons.

spit and spite, fur and fury

 1964/65 Seeing Dinosaurs from the comfort of a car at the New York World’s Fair - Via

Omaima Aree Nelson, a 24-year-old Egyptian model. On Thanksgiving 1991, Nelson bludgeoned William Nelson, her husband, after he sexually assaulted her. Then she castrated him, skinned the torso, cooked the decapitated head and fried the hands in oil.

Explains all the cigarette butts in the litter. 

I feel like my whole life I’ve been walking across a muddy field and at times I strolled easily across dry patches but now the mud is really wet and sticky and every day my leg sinks farther in and rather than struggle to take another step I would like to just stand here and sink until I die but my boyfriend and family are up ahead and I can’t just stop because they’ll be mad
I’m not moving on for me

Every life decision I have made was to please somebody else and now I understand that was never the right thing to do but I still feel like as long as I can keep everyone happy I can fly under the radar and nobody will bother me or be unhappy I don’t know

"don’t be sad just think about the things you do like about yourself"

I mean I’m supposed to work and keep up with healthcare pay bills cook food exercise get thoughtful presents for family and boyfriend text friends keep my car running the way it’s supposed to grocery shop clean and keep my appearance up AND IM JUST ONE PERSON WITH NO KIDS and I’m having a hard time soooo I don’t know I think maybe i was made wrong because i don’t even come close to doing all of that on any given day ever